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Friends of Recovery Banquet

Friends of Recovery Awards

Do you know someone who has made outstanding contributions to the recovering community and to Jackson Recovery Centers?  Nominate them for a Friends of Recovery Award, which will be presented at the Friends of Recovery Banquet on April 13.  Nominations due March 1.

Carrying the Message Award

The recipient of this award is a person, group or organization who is selflessly working to "carry the message" that addictions are diseases from which people can and do recover. The person, group or organization works tirelessly to bring the hope of recovery to individuals and community in a manner consistent with the 12 Steps of AA and the values of Jackson Recovery Centers, Inc. The recipient may be a person in recovery who, by his or her example, is effective in de-stigmatizing the disease of addiction and in helping others obtain and maintain sobriety.

Previous Winners: Jeff DeGroot, Delvin Wilde, RaMona Wanned, Bill Schumacher, William Renders, Don Claeys, Kathy Lennon, Corey Derby, Ray Blackburn, Charlie and Eileen Prochelo, Will Meier, Dick Semple, George Semple, Terry Blom, Dan Moore, Donna Bergeson, Tom Clark, Earle Van Ornum, Rod Clay

Flo Warnstandt Award

This award should be given to an outstanding woman in recovery who, like Flo Warnstadt, dedicates herself to helping others positively transition from treatment to 12 Step support groups and/or works to make services more receptive and responsive to the special needs of women. Flo was a recovering woman in a male-dominated recovery program. She decided that women needed other women in recovery to sponsor, mentor and serve each other. Flo spent endless hours as a volunteer at the Marian CDU and did whatever she could to help women and men in early recovery get connected with AA, NA, or other support groups. She truly worked the principle that you cannot keep what you do not give away.

Previous Winners: Charlene Berger, Emma Bear Comes Out, Kelly Knaack, Angela Avery, Teresa Schweitz, Veronica Kulawik, Diane Hovland, Lee Kurtz, Pat Gunia, Connie Spain, Mary Keane, Cindy Hagen, Stephanie Mohrhauser, Jean Peterson, Rosie Zavala, Pat Breitenstein, Kris Klug, Mary Carlson

Rudy Oudheusden Award

The recipient of this award is an individual, group, or organization who, through their individual or collective actions, demonstrates the healing power of spirituality in the lives of addicts. Pastor Rudy Oudheusden saw the power the 12 Steps of AA and attendance of 12 Step meetings had in the total transformation of the person. He witnessed how the working of the 12 Steps reconnected the person with spiritual principles and positive behaviors. Rudy saw this not as a recovering person himself, but as someone who was active in attempting to integrate spiritual principles in the healing arts of all disciplines. This award should be presented to an individual, group, or organization who is committed to the principles Pastor Oudeusden emulated. The recipient need not be someone in recovery, but a "special friend of recovery" or a religious/secular organization that recognizes the power of "Spirit" in the healing transformation of the addict. This award should go to an individual or group who has a non-judgmental and accepting spirit, and to someone who understands and fosters the free exploration of the individual’s spirituality.

Previous Winners: Sunnybrook Church, Pastor Pinky Pearson, Pastor Tess Panamaro, Father Dennis Meinen, Redeemer Lutheran Church, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Frank Lamere, Sisters of Mercy, Bob Smith, Boys and Girls Home, St. Boniface Church, Immaculate Conception Church, Mayflower Church, Chuck Wolff, Bert Burwell

Free Spirit Alumni Award

This award goes to an outstanding Jackson Recovery Centers, Inc (or any of the merged organizations that make up Jackson) alumnus that has a minimum of 2 years of recovery. In that time, this person must have demonstrated outstanding recovery values and behaviors. These recovery values must reflect positively on Jackson Recovery Centers, its values and vision. The alumnus needs to have been active in 12 Step recovery groups, worked with others to help them receive the gift of recovery, and live a life that is an example to those in and out of recovery.

Previous Winners: Stephanie Boylard, LeAnn Siebersma, Chantel Pantoja, John Nelson, Angela Avery, Darcy Reynolds, Don Pinkston, Kim Nelson, Mitch Kulawik, Carla Edwards, Jane and Tony Sanders, Rhonda Hill, Ray Guntren, Lela Nelson, Paula Partin, Steve Quattlebaum, Emily Dykstra

Women Helping Women Award

This award is given to a woman or women who with kindness, compassion and generosity, support other women at Jackson Recovery Centers who are taking the steps to recover from their addictions. The recipient of this award volunteers their time, talents, and/or treasures through the Jackson Recovery Women and Children's Auxiliary to help dispel the strong stigma these women face and help them reach their full potential. The winner of this award delivers a message of love and hope to a group of women who suffer from the disease of addiction.

Previous Winners: Ellen Christofferson, Mary Wilkens, Andrea Rohlena, Connie Chapman, Jennifer Jackson, Cindy Hagen, Ellen Nichols, Jo Carlson, Terri Avery, Linda Gann, Karen Clark, Marilyn Christiansen, Ginny Peterson

Community Partner in Recovery Award

The Community Partner for Recovery Award is a person, group, or organization that is an advocate for recovery in the community and a champion in helping others find their path to recovery. This recipient help carry out the mission and vision of Jackson Recovery Centers outside of Jackson’s doors. This group or person works to ensure people in recovery in Siouxland have access to the necessary quality services to grow into independent and strong individuals in our community. They strive to empower, enlist, and inspire recovering addicts to utilize their unique gifts and talents and live a life free from addiction.

Previous Winners:  Judge Jeffrey Neary, Native Youth Standing Strong, Siouxland Community Health Center, Judge Jeffrey Poulson, Parent Partners, Judge Ed Jacobsen, Judge Brian Michaelson, Judge Mary Timko, Siouxland CARES, Lt. Lynette Redden, Judge John Ackerman, Woodbury County Board of Supervisors, Woodbury County Attorney, Woodbury County District Court, 3rd Judicial District Probation Office, Public Defender's Office, Woodbury County Sheriff's Department, Malcolm Moon, Drug Court

Bill and Marienne Jackson Leadership Award

Perhaps the most prestigious of all our awards, this award is named after the founders of Jackson Recovery Centers, Inc., Marienne and Bill Jackson. Bill and Marienne were real leaders who saw a need and, despite personal hardship and risk, made addiction treatment and prevention services available to all in Siouxland. They were vision-driven and moved forward despite the most difficult of circumstances. They were risk-takers and led by example. They were committed to the 12 Step values and were open to new and creative ideas. They believed in the power of recovery and knew recovery worked. They were beacons of hope and brought a message to the community that was and still is difficult for many to hear and believe – that additions are diseases and all deserve access to quality services right here in Siouxland. The recipients of this award must have worked to make Jackson a better and more effective place for people to recover. They must emulate the values of love, hope and acceptance. The recipient may be an individual, couple, group, or organization who has worked to make Jackson a great place to work, grow, learn and recover.

Previous Winners: Linda Phillips, Kermit Dahlen, Ellen Nichols, Ginny Peterson and Marilyn Christiansen, Teresa Frank, Charlie and Linda Lanphier, Dan and Julie Moore, John and Marilyn Hagberg, Hillard and Ann Knutson, Don and Barb Kelsey, Ron and Donna Bergeson, Dick Lennon, Dean and Helen Meine, Mark and Terri Avery, Charlie Knoepfler and Christy Kingdom-Knoepfler, David and Joan Paulsrud, Eleanore Metz