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Adolescent Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Child and Adolescent Services

As a parent or guardian, you will naturally have many questions about your child's treatment.  Here are some frequently asked questions about the program. 

Q: How long will my child be in treatment?
A: We individualize the length of stay based on each child's needs. The treatment team, which includes you as parent/guardian, will begin this discussion upon admission. Each child's needs vary based on the severity of their using, family support, behaviors, and emotional issues. Most adolescents are in the program 90-120 days.

Q: What is my role as parent/guardian?
A: We strongly encourage and recommend family involvement, as it is critical for each child's success. Addiction affects all family members and thus it is important that the entire family receives support and education.

Q: How often will I receive contact/progress reports from my child's therapist?
A: We hold an initial meeting, within the first 10 days, which includes all members of the treatment team, including the child and parent/guardian. This is to discuss any concerns and develop treatment goals. Your child's therapist will contact you weekly by phone to update you on your child's progress in treatment. If there are significant problems that arise, the therapist will contact you immediately. You may contact the therapist or any member of the clinical team with questions or concerns at any time.

Q: How do I know which program is right?
A: We have a team of clinical experts that will help you make that determination. Prior to any treatment/intervention service, a clinical assessment will be completed and recommendations will be made.

Q: How much will treatment cost?
A: The cost of treatment depends on the individual needs of the child. We have a number of funding options available to families, and we see it as our job to find the most cost-effective way for your adolescent to enter our program. We accept insurance payments and will contact your insurance company to seek pre-certification for our program. In addition, we accept Iowa Medicaid (Title-19). The most important thing for you to remember is that we will find a way to make it work for you.

Q. What is inpatient treatment?
A. Inpatient treatment provides a living environment with treatment services. Treatment in these programs lasts on average 90 days, but may be longer or shorter depending on the patient. Inpatient programs often have phases of treatment, with different expectations and activities. For example, in the first phase, a patient's contact with family and friends may be restricted. This restriction helps the person become part of the treatment community and adjust to his or her surroundings. Jackson's inpatient programs assist patients to continue their education.  Inpatient programs are especially helpful for people whose addiction has progressed further and they have been unable to stay sober or drug free in other treatment programs.