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Child and Adolescent Recovery Hospital Now Open

t has been a dream for nearly 40 years and last month it became a reality. On April 28, Jackson Recovery Centers opened the doors to the new Child and Adolescent Recovery Hospital. This is a special place, designed specifically for those ages 12-18 who are in the process of finding a lifetime of recovery from addictions and/or mental health issues.
This recovery hospital is the new home for our current adolescent inpatient facility. However, program capacity increased from 50 to 72 inpatient treatment beds. In the coming weeks, Jackson will also be adding a 12-bed Stabilization Unit.
Since 1976, Jackson has been serving the adolescents in Siouxland, thanks to our founders Dr. Bill and Marienne Jackson who answered their community’s call for service.
“Opening the doors to our new Child and Adolescent Recovery Hospital completes the final pieces of the puzzle, said Kermit Dahlen, Jackson’s President and CEO. “It has special people, special programs, with special kids in a special place.”
It’s never too late to get your child or loved one the help they need. For more information about the Child and Adolescent Recovery Hospital, call us at 712-226-1800.