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New Women's Center Opens

On May 15, Jackson Recovery Centers transitioned its women's program from Synergy Center in Cherokee, Iowa to its facility at 3500 W. 4th Street in Sioux City. This expansion was needed due to an increase demand for adult substance use treatment services.

The new Women's Center will house up to 18, which is an increase from 11 at Synergy. The adult men's program will remain at Synergy Center, expanding capacity there from 11 to 22.

"This transition is an incredible opportunity to help more adult men and women begin their recovery journey," said Janelle Tomoson, Administrative Director of Adult Services.

This transition will not impact Jackson's current adolescent programs which are also housed in the same facility.

"Thousands of children and adolescents have been served since Jackson started 40 years go and this transition will not change that," said Heidi Kammer-Hodge, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.  "Our adolescent programs are strong and will continue to grow as we move into the future."

Jackson provides substance use, mental health and co-occurring treatment services to thousands of patients each year in all of its 13 locations.

For more information about the Women's Center, Synergy Center or other services at Jackson visit or call 712-234-2300 or toll free at 1-800-472-9018.